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How to Setup a Mobile Hotspot for Internet On-The-Go

By Vinith R | 28 January 2013 at 1:40 am CET | No Comments

Most mobile devices now come with an option to connect to the internet and transfer data through numerous web portals or apps. Increasing usage of iOS, Android and Windows platform has enabled network providers to offer various Hotspots in the form of Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks.

There are multiple forms of data plans available for the end user. It ultimately depends on your requirements and budget. The main concern associated with data subscriptions is that there are far too many options and it is often difficult to subscribe for the perfect combination of services that suits all of your hotspot criteria. Our aim is to find the best mobile hotspot that will suit users with different and varying needs.

Mobile Hotspot For Incidental Or Occasional Usage

Occasional usage describes data usage that falls below 1 or 2 GB of data transfer in a month. While almost all mobile hotspots offer great browsing speeds that are at par with wired connections, several usage restrictions come into play.

ISPs that are oriented for such users usually charge hefty fees for surplus usage of data that goes beyond the stipulated monthly or periodic limits. Therefore, mobile hotspot subscriptions for occasional usage is only best suited for mobile internet and that too for limited levels. Here are a few options for users that don’t depend on the mobile hotspot for excessive downloads or bandwidth:

Free Hotspot Internet Access

It is often a wonder that most people are unaware of the free hotspots available in their city. Do you have a favorite café where you would like to spend some time with your coffee? Do you hang out at a restaurant for your lunch or dinner? Do you visit a club regularly? If you do, you are missing out on an opportunity for free internet access.

Most business establishments now offer hotspots in the form of Wi-Fi networks for their customers. This is often provided free of cost and is perhaps the best way of accessing internet if you are just an occasional mobile internet user. This also ensures that you don’t have to spend any money on data charges every time you use your device to connect to the internet.

This type of hotspot access is only suitable for people with limited internet usage that doesn’t require transfer of sensitive information over the hotspot connection. Checking emails, shopping, online banking, and all types of data transfer that involves sensitive information should be avoided at these free public hotspots, unless you use a good standing hotspot VPN before connecting.

Personal Hotspot With Smartphone Data Plans

Mobile Hotspot On-The-Go

Most data plans offered by major ISPs and mobile carriers usually include free hotspot access, but this is only offered for shared connections. In essence, you can use this type of hotspot for multiple purposes. Along with mobile data usage, these connections can also be used for your home computer or laptop, or you can even become a central hotspot to provide internet access for other mobile devices.

There are two ways to go about for this. The first way is to follow the correct way of finding a mobile carrier that offers exclusive shared data plans. Shared data plans work best when used with other devices, and doesn’t make sense if you are only using one or two systems. This is why this option is most suitable for users within a community or circle.

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Vinith R

With a degree in software engineering, Vinith has been reporting on technological subjects for VPN Creative since 2011. He has a great way of explaining deeply technical issues on a very comprehensive way which you don’t need an engineer’s degree to understand. Based out of India, one of the worlds most populous countries, he is witnessing social change through technology on first-hand perspective.

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