How to Easily Access Netflix at School

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Netflix at School

Netflix and other cool streaming sites provide you the access to watch your favorite TV shows anywhere except within the school premises. Blocking of video streaming sites and social networking sites is executed by the authorities in order to secure their goals of assisting every student in their academic life which may be disrupted by such sites. With a VPN, you do not have to fret about this issue as you can now access Netflix at school.

The reason behind blocking the sites is really good. The school administration would like their students to be focused on their learning and not devote more time online. The new devices like tablets and Smartphones are small enough to fit inside their bags or pockets. This is a modern society which allows people of all ages to stay connected to the internet as much as they want to even in school. However, Netflix along with other popular sites are blocked within school grounds.

If the sites are not allowed at school but can be accessed outside, the problem then is not the network but the location from which the request for access is originating. It could also be that the IT department has set up a firewall to prevent students from getting into the restricted domains. Both cases can be resolved using VPN.

VPN services to the rescue

Virtual private network or VPN offers services which can provide full proof security. It uses protocols to ensure encryption of every data exchanged between the client and the public network. Top providers like Hidemyass! Pro VPN have put up servers in different regions within the country and abroad. A VPN provider will be your secret weapon to get Netflix at school.

If the school has blocked Netflix access using the location of an IP address, this can be resolved with a request for a new IP address created from a server outside of the school premises. This will give the impression that the user is located outside of the school grounds and access is granted.

In the second scenario where a firewall has been put up by the IT department of the school, the full encryption of your data makes you invisible from the prying eyes of the authorities. This makes your online activities private thus the bypassing the firewall and access to Netflix is granted made possible without anyone noticing it.

Netflix at school using VPN

VPN makes it easy for one to gain access to Netflix at school or anywhere in the globe. The right understanding and knowledge of the services being offered would lead one to realize that internet freedom still exists where one can unblock sites and stay secured online at all times.

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  • 01

    At my university there are blocked web sites and Netflix is obviously is one of them, so is facebook, twitter, and a bunch of other websites, but the problem is that VPN softwares don’t work (I use Spotflux), UltraSurfe is suppose to work too, but it doesn’t, so here is how it is, our university is using a proxy server and a Mcafee filter, Spotflux used to work because I knew a proxy address that I used to give to Spotflux, then everything would work smoothly as expected ( Accessing the internet using the address without VPN softwares leaves us with the same blocking, but for some reason unblocking software programs need that address to to work its magic), but now that proxy address doesn’t work and I can’t figure out how to make Spotflux work again. does anybody know what to do?

  • 02

    jlangvad, that might’ve work but HideMyAss! is blocked, and I have looked to see if there is any other web proxy sites that aren’t blocked that I can use, but I was unsuccessful.

  • 03

    jlangvad , OK I’ll try that, and don’t care much for streaming movies, because that’s not what I’m trying to do, thank you, and I’ll get back to you once I try it.

  • Jacob Langvad Nilsson

    osamah_q jlangvad OK – here’s another option. Have you heard about VPN Gate ( It’s completely free, but the connection speed may not be sufficient for streaming movies and video-clips (that’s one good reason to pay for a premium VPN). Anyway, I only tried it once. It works but it’s slow. More info here: Let me know how it goes…

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