How to Setup Galaxy Note 2 VPN

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How to Setup Galaxy Note 2 VPN

The use of VPN services is becoming an integral part of the world of mobile devices. This is to answer the need for security when using the public network. Top providers have developed software which can be configured on mobile phones and major devices including Galaxy Note 2 VPN. Through its use, it is safe to assume that all the data traveling from your mobile phone into the network and the back is fully secured. Contrary to what most people think, the software is easy to install without requiring deeper technical knowledge.

Basics and benefits of VPN

VPN or the virtual private network is the newest and by far the most effective security tool. This was first introduced to personal computers and laptops which are commonly used by the public to manage business and personal transactions online. Top VPN then created the same software but designed in a different platform to cater to other devices which are now widely used to connect to the internet. The system works by completely encrypting all data through the use of VPN protocols. There will be one of such to stand on guard at each end of a tunnel-like system model. In other words, the data coming from the user will be traveling to and from the network using this tunnel.

Hidemyass! Pro VPN, one of the best VPN Providers, also offers its clients a way to conceal their true identity by assigning a different IP address. With a proper request sent to the provider, clients can switch servers and create an IP address from another region. While these are all provided, users will have not just security on their mobile internet access but also the best speed of connection and greater access even on restricted sites.

Wi-Fi hotspots have contributed to the increase of mobile internet users as well as the risks of facing cyber threats. It is therefore imperative to use proper VPN services on various devices like Galaxy Note 2 to ensure protection at all times.

Setting up Galaxy Note VPN

This will not surely take a lot of your precious time. After subscribing Galaxy Note 2 VPN from top providers like PureVPN and Hidemyass! Pro VPN, check your mobile setting icon and choose the “More settings” button. Look for and select the VPN option and click on “Add VPN Network” then provide the details of your provider. There are three protocols commonly used for mobile devices which are the L2TP, SSTP and the PPTP. Among the two options, select any of these then choose the server which is always your VPN provider. You may find a step where you are to select a name for your connection; you can add any name of your choice. Make sure that you have removed the check mark from “PPP encryption (MPE). Once this has been done, save all the changes on the setting. Check on the home menu and you will find the VPN tab on your settings after successfully setting up the software.



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