How to Watch Xfinity TV outside the US

By | 05 October 2012 at 1:51 pm CET | 2 Comments

Comcast Corporation is the largest cable TV, telephone & broadband Internet service provider in the USA. The on-demand service of Comcast Corporation is known as Xfinity TV. The Xfinity TV offers a huge variety of programs like:

  • TV Shows: Nurse Jackie, House M.D., The Borgias, The Big C, Common Law, Game of Thrones, and many more.
  • Almost all popular Movies from celebrated content companies.
  • Most of the popular TV shows from NBC, CBS and Fox.
  • Unfortunately, all these services are dedicated to US viewers only. So, usually you will not able to watch Xfinity TV outside the US, unless you use the following trick.

    Due to some licensing restrictions with US content companies, Xfinity TV does not expose their contents outside the US. When your try to watch Xfinity TV outside the US, they prevent you from watching their contents by detecting you local IP address. Since all non-US IPs are banned by Xfinity TV, so you have to use a US IP address to watch Xfinity TV outside the US.

    How could you use a US IP address from outside the US?

    There are several ways to get a US IP address, but the most reliable way is Virtual Private Network. Since, video streaming needs plenty of bandwidth, so ordinary proxy & DNS service won’t able to afford required bandwidth for Xfinity TV. Almost all top VPN services offers unlimited bandwidth for video streaming and provide very steady and reliable connections. Personally I like to use Hidemyass! Pro VPN – as they offer the best connection speed at most competitive prices.

    Hidemyass has more than 260 VPN servers all around the world and 150+ VPN servers in the United States. So you will get the best opportunity to connect to the fastest VPN servers according to your choice. To setup a VPN connection, you just need to install Hidemyass on your PC or Mac, choose a US city from the list and click connect. This custom app will connect to a US VPN server within a few seconds and you’ll inherit a US IP address automatically. From that moment you can watch Xfinity TV outside the US as well as any US on demand service you want including Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.

    I hope you are smart enough to go through the process and unblock Xfinity TV outside the US. Happy Streaming!



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