How to Get a Canadian IP Address

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How to Get a Canadian IP Address

Are you interested to know how to get a Canadian IP Address? To get a Canadian IP address is so much easier than you can ever think. By having a Canadian IP address, you can make the most out of your internet connection and access American websites the way you can with an American IP.

There are several advantages which you can get if you have a Canadian IP. It is particularly helpful if you are going out of the country but still wants to get connected to your local sites.

Steps how to get a Canadian IP Address

There are several ways on how to get a Canadian IP address but the best way is through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN allows you to access restricted websites by channeling your connection to a server or system of servers located in Canada or the country you wish to access the sites from. The connection can be customized depending on the type of VPN plan you subscribed to.

VPNs guarantee to protect your privacy and for you to remain anonymous while surfing the internet. A VPN is basically a closed system with access to a bigger system and the good thing about it is that you can access this system without fear of getting hacked or violated by identity thieves.

You can also browse the internet anonymously wherever you are and access the sites you wish to as long as you have a Canadian IP.

Two of the most celebrated VPN services that can give you optimum service and provide you with a Canadian IP are:

Hidemyass Review

HideMyAss. This VPN has a lot of IP addresses available including Canadian IPs and thousands of others from hundreds of servers located in different countries. Although you are particularly interested in a Canadian IP address, you can also get an American, British or German IP address too.

They also offer freebies such as free web proxy, free list of proxy IPs that will enable you to edit your browser according to your speed, level of anonymity and protocol preference. Their proxies are updated regularly so there’s no need to worry about being firewalled by an expired proxy.

There is also free anonymous email and file uploading. Pro VPN has additional data encryption and faster, more reliable connection. They also offer money back guarantee. Visit them at their website.

12vpn review

12VPN have the most selection of platform and protocol. They offer free server switching and military grade encryption of 12802046 bit including custom VPNs for users in China and other areas where PPTP or L2TP are blocked. Visit them at their website.



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