How to Watch Netflix in Slovenia

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Netflix is the most popular on-demand internet streaming media. Hosting a collection of more than 20,000 movies, both old and new, Netflix is also home to thousands of TV shows and other entertainment videos. Unfortunately, the complete version of Netflix is only available in US; therefore, you cannot watch Netflix in Slovenia as such.

So, can You Watch Netflix In Slovenia? In one word, yes! It is absolutely possible to access Netflix outside the US. But if you want to watch Netflix in Slovenia, you have to bypass geo-blocking filters. Netflix blocks visitors on account of their international IP address. Netflix only allows access to their database for visitors with a valid US IP address. All other IP addresses are naturally blocked. On that account, any user who visits the Netflix database using a valid US IP address can gain uninterrupted access.

How To Watch Netflix In Slovenia

To watch Netflix in Slovenia, your first step would be to change your current IP address. Essentially, you would require a US IP address to gain access to Netflix. This can be achieved by using IP hiding technologies such as Proxy or VPN services. In our opinion, the best option would be a VPN service provider, preferably, a VPN company that offers a smart DNS option.

A VPN can help you change your IP by rerouting your connection through virtual servers. Typically, VPN service providers have virtual servers located in different parts of the world. Primarily, US is one of the most popular choices for installing virtual VPN servers, therefore, most VPN service providers offer US IP addresses as standard across their server network. You can take advantage of this by subscribing to a VPN service provider, choosing a US IP address and visiting the Netflix website to unblock and watch Netflix in Slovenia. Read our guide on how to sign up for a Netflix account outside the US to enjoy complete access to the Netflix database.

Best VPN To Watch Netflix In Slovenia

While choosing a VPN service provider, bandwidth and speed are the primary considerations for enjoying high speed buffering. Buffering issues are quite common among VPN users, especially while choosing HD videos from Netflix. VPN service providers offer dedicated DNS services for those who require speed and bandwidth, albeit, at the loss of security. But to watch Netflix in Slovenia, all you need is an US IP address, fast and reliable internet connection and unlimited bandwidth. Read through our guide to find the best VPN to stream Netflix outside the US.

Some Considerations To Watch Netflix In Slovenia

Now that you have a basic idea on how to watch Netflix in Slovenia, there are a few considerations that you would be required to keep in mind to ensure uninterrupted Netflix access. First of all, always connect to a VPN service provider before connecting to the Netflix server through your Netflix subscription. This means that you should choose a reliable VPN service provider to ensure that your original IP address is not revealed to the Netflix content filters. Bandwidth and speed plays a huge role in an enjoyable Netflix experience, therefore, choose a VPN that offers the best speed, bandwidth, and if possible, a DNS option. Once you connect to a US IP address, you are well on to your way to watch Netflix in Slovenia without any geo-blocking filters restricting your access.



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