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How to Watch Netflix UK Abroad

By Shahadat Hossain | 08 May 2012 at 4:40 pm CET | No Comments

This article is dedicated to those who want to watch UK version of Netflix UK Abroad. We will explain you a simple trick to watch all versions of Netflix using the same Netflix account.

The trick is based on the principle that Netflix account is universal; that means that there is no difference between a UK Netflix account and a US or Canadian Netflix account. The only fact for which Netflix contents differ is your location. If you have a US Netflix account and access Netflix from UK, you will get UK Netflix contents and vice versa. Therefore, you just have to fake your location to watch Netflix UK abroad.

How to fake your location while online?

Although it sounds a bit complicated, it’s just a matter of 3 minutes. You can easily make Netflix think that you are in UK by connecting to a VPN (Virtual Private Network). When you will connect to a VPN server located in UK, it will act as an intermediary between your computer and Netflix; so when Netflix will try to identify your location through your IP address, they will find the location of your VPN server and allow you to watch Netflix UK abroad.

How to Connect to a VPN server?

You have to sign up with a reliable VPN provider in order to connect with a VPN server. You may feel a bit uncomfortable to sign up with a VPN provider, because there are plenty of VPN providers available in the market. We would like to notice you that you need to sign up with a VPN provider who can ensure a reliable, steady and super fast connection with a huge bandwidth.

After trying a number of good VPN providers, we have found a VPN provider called HideMyAss! Pro VPN to be the most reliable service for video streaming. They have a number of strong VPN servers in UK that can easily provide adequate bandwidth for video streaming.

Again, Hide My Ass app makes the VPN setup process much easier; simply install their app, select a VPN server located in the UK and click connect. That’s all there is to it; now you can watch UK version of Netflix from any country of the world. Therefore, if you love UK Netflix contents, this is an excellent way to stay connected to some of your familiar entertainment.

With Hide My Ass VPN, you will get access to 247 VPN servers in 43 countries; so if you connect to a VPN server located in the US, you can watch US version of Netflix. Similarly, if you connect to a VPN server located in Canada, you can watch Canadian version of Netflix. At present they are offering risk free 30 days trial subscription with full money back guarantee. But you’ll get best discount with the 12 months subscription option.

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Shahadat Hossain

Shahadat is a technology reporter for VPN Creative. He is based out of the Rajshahi division, Bangladesh which is a hub for tech startups and innovation. Shahadat is a passionate technologist and writes about tools and techniques to make Internet use safer and unrestricted. Internet censorship is an issue in many countries and can be fought by clever workarounds.

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