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How to Bypass MLB Blackouts

By Shahadat Hossain | 04 May 2012 at 11:02 am CET | No Comments

mlb blackouts

Major League Baseball TV (MLB.TV) deliberately denies local viewers from watching live games at home.

So if you can’t be physically present at the game, then MLB blackouts are truly a pain in the head. But there is a way on how to bypass MLB blackouts so anyone can watch any game in the comforts of their homes.

It’s a shame that American and Canadian viewers can’t watch local games live in MLB.TV; while international viewers can watch all of the games live via MLB.TV. If you connect through a VPN server though, you can easily disguise yourself as a NON-American national. This will make MLB think that you are accessing its content from outside the US or Canada.

Whenever MLB tries to detect your location, VPN will fake your IP Address thus, only the location of your VPN server will be visible to MLB. So if you connect to a server located outside the US or Canada, you can surely bypass MLB blackouts. But you need a VPN subscription to get access to a VPN server.

How to subscribe for a VPN?

If you want to watch live MLB games on local TV, you should choose a VPN provider that offers a the complete VPN features. After signing up for a VPN package, just choose a city in the UK or anywhere outside the US and Canada, and click on connect. Once you are connected to a server, VPN will already start its magic.

Unblock Apple TV and Watch MLB.TV on your TV

You can use this trick to unblock Apple TV as well. But, Apple TV does not have any VPN client. Therefore, you have to connect to VPN by a wireless router. Only a specific router-built are suitable for Apple TV; so you have to buy a suitable router to connect to a VPN server.

We have found ASUS RT-N16 as the most reliable router one for this operation, but many other routers does the trick. You may already have a router that is compatible. If you don’t know how to connect a router with you Apple TV, read our article on How to Connect a Router to HideMyAss! VPN.

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Shahadat Hossain

Shahadat is a technology reporter for VPN Creative. He is based out of the Rajshahi division, Bangladesh which is a hub for tech startups and innovation. Shahadat is a passionate technologist and writes about tools and techniques to make Internet use safer and unrestricted. Internet censorship is an issue in many countries and can be fought by clever workarounds.

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