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VPN for Netflix

There is no dearth for entertainment channels through online websites and media portals. However, for the best quality entertainment, nothing beats the offerings from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, BBC iPlayer and similar channels that are targeted to a specific demographic, usually the U.S or the U.K. This is where VPN for Netflix comes into play!

What’s the fuss about Netflix? This is perhaps the easiest of questions to answer. Host to the largest database of movies and TV shows, Netflix is indeed an entertainment medium of choice for people all over the world.

There are dedicated Netflix apps for a whole lot of devices ranging from the iPhone, iPad, Xbox 360, PlayStation, set-top boxes such as Roku and even SmartTVs have inbuilt Netflix apps. This has certainly opened up a lot of options for the avid Netflix streamer to watch their favorite shows on demand.


Netflix Access Outside US

Netflix is blocked outside the US. It doesn’t matter whether you are a loyal subscriber, or pay your subscription fees on time, if you try to access Netflix from outside the US, you will receive an error message saying “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet.”

We understand how frustrating it can be, especially for those Netflix subscribers who are traveling outside the US. For people from different parts of the world (apart from Canada, Latin America and some parts of Europe), Netflix is a missed opportunity. Even though Netflix is accessible to residents of Canada, Latin America and parts of Europe, the fully unabridged version of Netflix with the most exhaustive video database is only available to the U.S viewers.

Netflix VPN

VPN is the only way that allows viewers from outside the US to access the complete version of Netflix. A VPN allows the user to hide behind a virtual IP that can reside anywhere in the world. For this particular purpose, the Netflix VPN subscription will allow the user to hide behind a virtual IP and server in the US, while physically being anywhere in the world.

Netflix only checks for the IP address of the visiting user, and if they deem the visiting IP to be originating from the US, there shouldn’t be any problem with accessing and streaming Netflix videos. There are a number of VPN companies, but it is essential for you to sign up to the best VPN for Netflix that supports speed, bandwidth and videos quality for seamless streaming.

How To Choose A VPN For Netflix

To make the job easier for you, we have come up with 3 of the best VPN for Netflix. These VPN service providers are chosen according to their speed, reliability and bandwidth, which are three of the most important pre-requisites for an excellent streaming experience at Netflix. We only choose VPN companies where the quality of viewing is acceptable and there isn’t any visible audio or video lag.

Best VPN

HideMyAss! Pro VPN

The foremost authority in VPN services, HideMyAss Pro VPN is an essential tool for complete online anonymity. Home to a vast number of servers, HideMyAss! Pro VPN can boast of unmatched speeds and unlimited bandwidth, which renders this provider with a funky name as the perfect VPN for Netflix outside the US.

A 12-month subscription of HideMyAss! Pro VPN will set you back $6.55 per month. Windows and Mac users can enjoy dedicated apps, while Linux and mobile users need to set up a VPN using a manual VPN setup. Both connection types are fast and reliable for a seamless Netflix streaming experience. You even get access to the entire server network, therefore, you can even use a server in the U.K to access the BBC iPlayer. For more information on this provider, read our extensive HideMyAss! Pro VPN review



State of the art encryption, unlimited speed & bandwidth, great server switching technologies and automatic traffic rerouting helps VyprVPN in offering a reliable and fast VPN connection for uninterrupted streaming. This makes VyprVPN another service provider to help watch Netflix using a VPN.

VyprVPN costs $14.99 per month for the top end package, and you get all the bells and whistles such as 256 bit encryption, access to all servers and more. This is the best package for watching Netflix outside the US.



A new VPN company that offers the best browsing speed for a VPN company, IPVanish allows unlimited bandwidth, which is well suited for Netflix streaming. Possessing a great set of services for the least cost, IPVanish is the newcomer that is giving a tough time for the established giants in the industry.

IPVanish costs $4.49 per month for the annual subscription pack. This package entitles you to all the servers and the full range of features and encryption.

Free VPN For Netflix

If you want to enjoy Netflix the way it is supposed to be, better avoid free Netflix VPN companies. In fact, it is difficult to find a good quality free VPN company that offers unlimited speed or bandwidth. Under normal circumstances, a free VPN is usually riddled with advertisements, have caps on bandwidth and speed, the servers are clogged with free users and the security aspect certainly takes a hit. If you want to find a good VPN for Netflix, always stick with premium options.



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