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Best VPN for Nigeria

By Shahadat Hossain | 26 January 2012 at 8:36 am CET | 3 Comments

This article will help you understand the benefits of using a VPN service in Nigeria and help you find the best VPN provider for Nigeria.

Why VPN in Nigeria?

Nigeria is a big and wonderful country. I truly love the country. But when it comes to accessing foreign websites, like Netflix, Hulu, Twitter and in terms of internet security, Nigeria still has plenty of room for improvement. Luckily, you can take faith in your own hands and get both unrestricted access and security by using a VPN service provider. Internet censorship IS unfortunately a problem in Nigeria. The government also like to block file sharing websites. In other words. You will want a VPN if you live in Nigeria!

Advantages with VPN

By re-routing your internet connection through a VPN server you can:
– Change your IP address to one in another country
– Improve your security by ensuring your internet traffic is encrypted
– Access content that is normally restricted to you

Can I watch Netflix in Nigeria?

Absolutely yes! You just need a VPN service provider who offer sufficient transfer speed to stream content from United States. is a good option, and you can get started with a 30-day risk-free money back guarantee. That’s an awesome way to test their service on your own computer. Keep in mind, Netflix also offer a 30-day free trial! So, what are you waiting for? :)

What is the best VPN for Nigeria?

To get started, you have to select the best VPN Service provider for Nigeria. The market is full of providers of various quality and price. When reviewing the VPN provider you should consider price; connection speed; server location; desktop application; and technical support. I tested a number of leading VPN providers for Nigeria and will review the test winner below.

StrongVPNGood support$7.10YesYesReviews
Hidemyass!Best VPN Provider$6.55YesNoReviews
OverPlay VPNGreat for BBC iPlayer$8.30YesNoReviews
JulyRush VPNBest in Nigeria$7.50YesNoReviews

Test Winner: The Best VPN for Nigeria is Hidemyass!

I tested a number of leading providers and ended up using Hidemyass! Pro VPN (HMA!). As it turned out, they gave me the best results by far, and the video quality is super fantastic. HMA has 168 VPN servers across 32 countries. Their latest accomplishment is the addition of a VPN server in Nigeria with OpenVPN support and 64 new IP’s available. With this, HMA is bringing the total number of IP’s offered to members to over 18,500. With HMA you can enjoy unlimited VPN access from $6.55/month.

Right now HMA! is running a special promotion with Hide My Ass discount of up to 43% off. You can choose to subscribe month to month, semi-annually or annually. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can also simply try it for a month completely risk free. Click on the coupon below to claim your 43% discount on the World’s best VPN:

Any Questions?

Was this article helpful, or do you still have questions about VPN for Nigeria? Please drop us a comment below. If this article was indeed helpful, please consider to show your appreciation by use the social bottoms for Facebook, Google +1, etc.


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