How to Surf Anonymously

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Hacking presents a significant security threat to all internet user in the world, individuals as well as companies. Every day, large profitable corporations, such as Sony and Apple, fall victim to hackers. This highlights the risks to the average user who often is far less prepared in terms of online security measurement than these larger companies. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is important to user’s privacy in today’s world full of security threats.

Protecting your identity online

There are many various ways to remain secure while browsing on line and protect your privacy. One method is to use a fake identity. This however is not full proof. There will be many times when real data is required giving hackers access to the information they seek. A VPN is the best solution to on line privacy problems and offers the user the best techniques for remaining anonymous while on the web.

How does VPN work?

The way VPN works is simple yet elegant. VPN allows you to hide your IP address making it appear to others that you have a different IP address. You can use VPN in one country such as the United States and your IP will be masked, suggestive to a potential hacker that you are in fact in a different country thereby making it impossible for you to be traced and protecting your privacy. Data can also be encrypted with a special feature allowing your files and documents to travel safely and anonymously to their destination across the web without any risk to your privacy. VPN is the best solution to all your web security concerns allowing you to browse in total confidence 100 percent anonymously and completely risk free.

Which VPN service should I use?

There are hundreds of VPN service providers available and choosing the best one is not always easy. Many providers will say anything to lure in potential customers with promises of being the cheapest, or the fastest. The truth is that many of these companies offer less than par service costing the customer more money for bad service. Hidemyass! Pro VPN , with a price from just $6.55/month was ranked best in a comprehensive VPN provider overview designed to help readers wade through the 100s of VPN service providers that exist and pick the most appropriate one. Coverage includes 42 countries and they have a 30 day money back guarantee allowing users the opportunity to try the service without financial risk.



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